Cocktail Caddy Club

Cocktail Caddy Club

Join our new Cocktail Caddy Club!

Subscribers will receive a Cocktail Caddy each quarter which delivers the finest seasonal cocktails right to your front door! Eau Claire Distillery brings you the perfect cocktail kit for the amateur libation lover or cocktail connoisseur. Delivered during the day, you'll be shaking, stirring, muddling and sipping your way through two fun, easy and unique cocktails by the end of the night!

$125.00 Quarterly
($500 Annually)
Includes base shipping

What is in the box

Each box includes

A full size bottle (750ml or 375ml) of Eau Claire Distillery Spirit

Full-sized Unique Mixers

Hand Selected Cocktail Ingredients

A Piece or Pair of Barware for your bar at home.
This could include glassware, baraccessories, shakers and more! A surprise piece with every order

Recipe Card Featuring Two Modern Craft Cocktails

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